I am Felix Kroischke – a 28 years old IT and media specialist focusing on Unity development, Blender, UI, UX, VR and media conception.

Slightly less formal: I am Felix – an open-minded explorer of (digital) worlds who is always interested in new technologies, intelligent solutions and good stories. I have a soft spot for complex problems, multi-layered projects and bold but thought out ideas. Let’s inspire and captivate people!

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Media meets science.

I am a generalist who focuses on the final result. I have my specialties but I always try to be up-to date in all related and project-specific fields. My strength is to structure complex situations, define framework conditions and bring together knowledge and people from different disciplines.


I have a B.Sc. in Computer Science (overall grade: 1,6) as well as a B.Sc. in Biology (overall grade: 1,9). Both studies were broadly based.

My Bachelor Thesis (Computer Science)My Bachelor Thesis (Biology)

Hard skills

My primary tools are the Unity Game Engine, Blender, PIXYZ and the applications of the Adobe Creative Cloud, especially XD, InDesign and Audition.

Additionally, I am familiar with the music production software Studio One as well as different programming languages, standards and platforms like C#, Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and WordPress. I am well-versed with MS office.

Soft skills

Due to my time as project manager, member of the student body and mentor for other students it is easy for me to give briefings, courses or presentations. Due to my private interest in pen&paper and self-written short stories I am familiar with storytelling.

I have also gained some intercultural experience through diverse stays abroad.


If I don’t work on a project, I spend my free time on podcasts, audio books, pen&paper, archery and technology or science news. Besides, I write short stories for friends from time to time.


See. Hear. Experience.

So far, I had no time to translate the portfolio pages of my website. However, some examples of my work do not need extensive explanations. Have a look (or listen).

VR-experience: House of Change

A scientific concept brought to live. While visitors explore the so called „House of Change“, they can experience different locations, emotions and new points of view.

The demo contains one of the rooms. The tracking that allows visitors to move and interact within the house is active as well, although it will not lead to another room (look for the glowing red dot and focus it with your view to trigger the transition).

(Tested with the Oculus Rift S, you will not need any controllers).

Download the HoC-Demo

VR-experience: Following Mia

The VR-experience that was developed as part of by bachelor thesis „Following Mia – Immersion, Attention and Storytelling in Virtual Environments“. Put on your headset and learn something about VR and the importance of attention!

(Tested with the Oculus Rift S, you will not need any controllers).

Download the VR-experienceThe thesis as pdf

Sound story: "Disharmony"

Not every story requires words and images. Sometimes music and sounds are enough.

Felix Kroischke
- Disharmony
Felix Kroischke- Disharmony

Let's work together.

If your media project involves multiple aspects and disciplines and you need a bridge-builder with various skills, then I could be an ideal addition to your team. Let us tell a story!