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Felix Kroischke - Profilbild

Hi, I'm Felix

I am an experienced full stack developer who uses Unity, C#, Python and many other tools to realize projects. What makes me stand out: My broad knowledge in digital media and my past as a natural scientist.

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In a few words

What I do

I am specialized in application development - from conception to technical realization. But I bring more skills: layouting, texting and advanced knowledge regarding vector graphics, audio and video. And last but not least: I have no fear of contact and look back on many years as a tutor and trainer.


Software development

  • 3D and VR applications
  • WebGL and smartphone apps
  • Integration of databases, online services and geoinformation systems
  • Frontend and backend


Media & soft skills

  • Creation and editing of vector graphics, audio tracks and videos
  • Texting and layouting
  • Knowledge transfer, training and presentations
  • Project management


Case studies

All of the projects below were created without the involvement of third parties - apart from the cooperation with the respective customers themselves. See for yourself.

What others say


Here are a few statements from my current job reference dated 14.08.2023. I think they speak for themselves.

The entire job reference as .pdf (German)

  • "Mr. Kroischke has extremely comprehensive and outstanding specialist knowledge, which he always used very confidently and successfully to accomplish his tasks."
  • "His work results are always, even with changing requirements and under very difficult conditions, of very good quality."
  • "He is able to explain technically complex issues or the sometimes complex details of our services in a concise and generally understandable way and keeps an overview and a cool head even under high pressure."
  • "He is also highly appreciated by our customers for his competence and his open-minded yet obliging manner."
  • "Mr. Kroischke [...] is very motivated and shows a high degree of initiative and commitment. He tackles difficult tasks with enthusiasm and finds sensible and practicable solutions."
  • "He has always represented our company in an exemplary manner."
My experience

Professional career

Over the last few years, I have been able to gain experience in various companies and industries. I always primarily worked as a developer, but I also took on other tasks.

  • 04/2021 - today

    Project engineer for 3D visualizations

    Conception and technical realization of the data visualization software SAGis 3D (as sole developer), support of other NTI software, customer support and training, creation of training and presentation materials (print, presentations and videos), support of a student trainee, presentation of NTI products at various events.

  • 07/2020 - 03/2021

    Unity developer

    Collaboration on the 3D planning and visualization software "iVP" (development of new functions and integration of features into the existing user interface, preparation of 3D models and CAD data, coding, rigging)

  • 06/2020

    Unity developer (intern)

    Collaboration on the 3D planning and visualization software "iVP", development of tools for automation and optimization of workflows in Unity

  • 01/2020 - 03/2020

    Project manager of digital applications

    Technical realization of the VR project "House of Change" (visualization of a scientific concept), technical realization of the web project "EWPWimmelwelt" (online media project that connected various illustrations)

  • 04/2019 - 12/2019

    Responsible for R&D and digital applications (working student)

    Conception of the VR project "House of Change", conception of brand architectures and corporate identities, app conception, research and information preparation

My knowledge

Hard skills

3D software



Pixyz Studio






Version control










Layout / UI / Conception

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo

Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Audio / Video

DaVinci Resolve

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Audition

Studio One


MS Office (incl. developer tools)






I originally started my career in biology - a decision I don't regret. Because even though I have now turned my hobby of computer science into a career, I have remained a natural scientist in terms of my working methods.


Computer science

My studies at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences focused on digital media, especially on virtual and augmented reality. I graduated in 2020 with a grade of 1.6 (bachelor thesis grade: 1.0).

My thesis as .pdf


My studies at the University of Oldenburg focused on evolutionary biology, but also dealt with science communication, knowledge transfer, and topics such as vector ecology and microscopy. I graduated in 2015 with a grade of 1.9 (bachelor thesis grade: 1.5).

My thesis as .pdf
Where I am currently developing

Current projects

Further development and new knowledge are always part of my life. That's why I'm currently working my way deeper into the possibilities of the Unreal Engine and expanding my C++ knowledge to match. Whether I will switch to the Unreal Engine in the future remains to be seen - but knowing it certainly won't hurt.

Private interests

Off work

I am also enthusiastic about IT, media and technology in my private life, with the areas of artificial intelligence and 3D printing currently being of particular interest to me. Away from the digital, I find my balance in the Pen&Paper area, where I lead several groups. Additionally, I do sword fighting and archery and I admire a variety of podcasts and (audio) books.

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Let's create projects and ideas together - small, big and special. But also, if you have any questions or suggestions: Write to me!

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